Monday, December 26, 2011

"Canary Wharf is not just a place, it is a company"

I've been here a lot lately:
The minute I step out of the train, everyone is wearing a business suit, me included:

I'll be going back in January, but for now I'm happy celebrating Christmas with my family in Norway which looks something like this:
 (Norwegian style: Feeding cute babies, reading the Christmas cartoons, skyping with Egypt, and eating way too much candy is all part of the messy after-party when everything is unwrapped)

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An excuse to go shopping

Today I finally got the message saying I was successful in securing a place with my uni's Business Mentoring Scheme. With more than a 1000 applicants, only 100 people would be given a mentor. Victory!

So now I have to prepare my CV and make a 12 step plan and all kinds of other things, but for now, all I can think of is this: "Please ensure that you wear a dark business suit".

1. A skirt might be a good idea (love the shoes) - via Sarah Klassen
2. White blouse with black is a classic (with some colorful nail polish) - via popbee 
3. Clean cut navy (with polished hair and nerdy glasses) - via the Decorista
4. Feminine twist - via Outfit ID 
5. Trousers with the perfect length for high heels. Could take a while to find though - via Ann Taylor Students

Let's hope Europe's largest shopping centre has something not only to wear but to die for!
Smiles from Kristine